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Từ vựng IELTS Speaking chủ đề Accomodation/Housing

Phần thi IELTS Speaking luôn là nỗi lo lắng của học sinh Việt Nam nói chung, vì phải sử dụng từ ngữ một cách linh hoạt và có phản xạ nhanh cùng idea rõ ràng. Đối với mỗi chủ đề, nếu nằm lòng các từ vựng, collocations, idioms đặc biệt là cách sử dụng chúng trong từng ngữ cảnh thì các bạn sẽ tự tin trả lời hơn nhiều đó.

Hôm nay HA CENTRE gửi đến các bạn chi tiết nhất về bộ từ vựng IELTS Speaking chủ đề Accomodation/Housing có kèm ví dụ để hiểu rõ hơn về từng từ. Chúc các bạn học tốt!

1. Từ vựng IELTS chủ đề Accomodation/Housing

Từ vựng IELTS chủ đề Accomodation/Housing

Từ vựng IELTS chủ đề Accomodation/Housing

  •  Flat/apartment: a set of rooms for living in, especially on one the floor of a building (căn hộ)
  • Detached house: a house that is not joined to any other house. (nhà độc lập, không tiếp giáp với nhà nào khác)
  • Semi-detached house: a house that is joined to another house on one side by a shared wall. (nhà chung vách)
  • Terraced house: a house in one of a row of usually identical houses with common dividing walls. (căn hộ liền kề)
  • Condominium: an apartment building in which each apartment is owned by the person who lives there. (chung cư)
  • Dormitory: a large bedroom where several people sleep, for example in a boarding school. (ký túc xá)
  • Caravan: a vehicle without an engine that can be pulled by a car or van. It contains beds and cooking equipment so that people can live or spend their holidays on it. (nhà di động, thường ở trên các loại xe)
  • Farmhouse: the main house on a farm, usually where the farmer lives. 
  • Cabin: a small wooden house, especially one in an area of forests or mountains.
  • Nursing home: a private hospital or residence equipped to care foraged or infirm person. (viện dưỡng lão)
  • Shelter: a small building or covered place which is made to protect people from bad weather or danger. (nơi trú ẩn)
  • Houseboat: a small boat on a river or canal that people live in. (nhà thuyền)
British English American English
  Flat    Apartment (building)
  Detached house    (Single-family) house
  Semi-detached house     Duplex / two-family house 
  Terraced house    Town house / town home
   Hall / dormitory / dorm    Dormitory / dorm
   Caravan / static     Mobile home/trailer

2. Từ vựng chủ đề Accomodation/Housing liên quan + ví dụ

Từ vựng chủ đề Accomodation/Housing liên quan + ví dụ

Từ vựng chủ đề Accomodation/Housing liên quan + ví dụ

  • Rented accommodation: property owned by someone else and for which a person pays a fixed amount to live in. (thuê nhà)

Example: People who have not enough money to buy a house normally live in rented accommodations.

  • To own your own home: to have bought the property you lived in (sở hữu ngôi nhà của riêng mình)

Example: It has been my dream to own my own home in a building complex before I’m turning 25.

  • Dream home: a home you regard as perfect (ngôi nhà trong mơ)

Example: My dream home should have two balconies, where I can experience the city’s view with my family.

  • Back garden: a garden at the rear of the house (vườn sau nhà)

Example: A ideal house should have a back garden, then people who live in can get closer to nature every time.

  • Spacious room: a large room (căn phòng rộng rãi)

Example: Their new apartment has five spacious rooms, which is really comfortable for them to live in

  • To take out a mortgage: to borrow a large amount of money, paid pack over several years, in order to buy a house (vay tiền)

Example: The house that she was interested in is really expensive, then She had to take out a mortgage.

  • To do up a property: to repair an old building (sửa chữa ngôi nhà cũ)

Example: One of my favorites is doing up an old property; each time I do this, I feel a sense of satisfaction.

  • To pay rent in advance: weekly or monthly rent paid at the beginning of the week or month (trả tiền thuê trước)

Example: Generally, rented accommodation requires that people who hire a house need to pay rent in advance.

  • Permanent address: a fixed address (địa chỉ thường trú)

Example: I need you to provide me a permanent address, so I could make a contact with you when is needed.

  • To get on the property ladder: to buy a property with the aim of buying another bigger or more expensive one later in life (tích cóp tài sản)

Example: when I’m turning 25, I would like to settle down and get on the property ladder. 

  • Mod cons: technology at home that makes jobs easier such as a washing machine, dishwasher (thiết bị công nghệ cần thiết, tiện lợi)

Example: The house is equipped with mod cons, which can make people’s lives more comfortable.

  • To live on campus: to live on the university or college grounds (sống trong trường)

Example: I prefer living on campus because I could have the chance to make a lot of new friends there.

  • To move into: to begin to live in a property (chuyển vào)

Example: I’m starting to move to the new house on 28th September.

  • The suburbs: a residential area on the edge of tows or cities (ngoại ô)

Example: In the modern world, many people prefer to live in the suburbs, because the environment is much fresher.

3. Idiom chủ đề Accomodation/Housing

  • My heart sinks

Example: When I saw the apartment, my heart sank, as it was filthy and had no windows.

  • To throw money down the drain

Example: I want to buy a house, so I’m not throwing money down the drain on rent every month.

  • A change of heart

Example: I used to only want to live in rented apartments because it was easier. Then, around the age of 30, I started a family and had a change of heart. Now, I really want a nice house.

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