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Chữa đề IELTS Writing task 2 ngày 20/03/2021 (China)

Hôm nay HA CENTRE gửi đến các bạn bài mẫu IELTS Writing task 2 – đề thi ngày 20/03/2021. Bài mẫu mang tính chất tham khảo, không chấm điểm. Mọi người có thể follow chúng mình trên các kênh Facebook, Instagram để cập nhật thông tin nhanh nhất.

Đề IELTS Writing task 2 ngày 20/03/2021 (China)

Đề IELTS Writing task 2 ngày 20/03/2021 (China)

Đề bài: Some people believe that an armed police force would cause a high level of violence in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Armories and explosives, since the day they were invented, have become an indispensable means to maintain peace. It is, however, believed by a certain number of citizens that equipping policemen with heavy weapons would lead to the severe battery to the public. In this essay, I will challenge this school of thought. 

Firstly, policemen, especially special troops, have always been carrying pistols and electric batons for years, yet almost never have any out-of-control cases been recorded. In other words, being certified for carrying weapons is what defines policemen. The image of a sheriff in uniform with a star on his chest and a gun hanging on his belt has been embedded into people’s minds as a signal of power and a sense of security. Additionally, had it not been for the reaction of armed policemen during robberies or terrorism, hardly can we imagine the damage that would have been dealt with the stakeholders.

Secondly, security forces are well-trained people with high responsibility. To be qualified, apart from having a spotless record and studying vigorously for the entrance exam, one must have gone through a strict and harsh training process that lasts for years, not only for combat skills but also soft skills necessary in social situations. Having that in mind, there is not the slightest chance that an officer would take out his gun and pull the trigger without well-thought-of the consequences. Besides, since working for the government, which is ultimately owned by citizens, a policeman has to be responsible for any disadvantageous action towards residential members. Ergo, no man would risk his career by hurting others for no reason.

In conclusion, a police force armed with weapons is unlikely to cause any brutalities to the society owing to their thorough training process and a high sense of responsibility.

  • Armouries and explosives: vũ khí và chất nổ
  • maintain peace: duy trì hòa bình
  • severe battery: sự hành hung nghiêm trọng
  • pistols and electric batons: súng lục và dùi cui điện
  • A sense of security: cảm giác an toàn
  • Terrorism: khủng bố
  • a spotless record: lý lịch không tì vết 
  • studying vigorously: học hành cực nhọc
  • a strict and harsh training process: quá trình đào tạo nghiêm ngặt và khắc nghiệt
  • combat skills: kĩ năng chiến đấu
  • pull the trigger: kéo cò súng
  • brutalities: sự hung bạo

Nhằm phục vụ tốt nhất cho việc luyện thi của các bạn học viên, HA CENTRE sẽ chữa đề IELTS writing task 2 ngày 20/03/2021 (China) mới nhất và update hàng tuần. Rất mong bài viết này sẽ có ích với tất cả mọi người đang ôn luyện IELTS! Nếu bạn còn thắc mắc hoặc có nhu cầu học IELTS, hãy liên hệ ngay với HA Centre theo số điện thoại MR. HA: 0963 07 2486, HOTLINE 1: 032 796 3868, HOTLINE 2: 032 976 3868 để được giải đáp nhanh nhất nhé!

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