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Chữa đề thi IELTS Writing task 2 Band 8

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đề thi IELTS Writing task 2 Band 8

Many people are working longer hours. Why is this happening? What problems can this cause to people?

In recent years, the average working day has become longer. This rise results from a competitive workplace and the need to boost incomes, but it poses serious problems that need to be addressed. 

While this is a multi-facet issue, two main causes can be pinpointed. In a highly competitive job market, many workers have to work extra hard for fear of being made redundant. This often means doing overtime or unpaid work, which is viewed as a sign of devotion and hard work. Some employers are aware of this and take advantage by assigning more tasks for their employees. Working longer hours has therefore become a common feature of the modern workplace, to the point that workers even feel guilty for doing otherwise. Another cause comes from society’s expectations: one must have a house, start a family and have children. However, these are becoming increasingly difficult to afford, mainly because salary increases do not keep up with inflation. To deal with this, many workers have to work two jobs or sign up for night shifts to top up their income. 

Unfortunately, an overwork culture seriously undermines workers’ work-life balance. Spending a large part of their day at the office, workers are left with little time for self-care, leading to physical and mental exhaustion. Overtime, this results in stress, frustration and mental disorders even. Besides this, employees who work long hours also lack a social life. With most time and energy devoted to work, it is no wonder that they rarely meet up with friends and have little quality family time. This also means they lack the support needed, further increasing the risk of mental breakdown. An extreme example can be seen in Japan, where there is a term for ‘death by work’: Karoshi. Workers here are so overworked that suicide becomes an escape. While this is not the case for most people, it highlights the importance of a balance between life and work.

In conclusion, job security and financial worries are what drives overworking. This is severely interfering with workers’ life and mental health, so companies and governments should take action to change this debilitating practice.

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