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Các chủ đề thường gặp trong IELTS Speaking bạn cần biết

Bài thi kỹ năng nói (speaking) thường được diễn ra trong khoảng thời gian từ 13 đến 15 phút, với 3 phần khác nhau, trong đó phần 1 nói riêng được gọi là “introduction and interview” (giới thiệu và phỏng vấn), với hình thức gần giống như một bài phỏng vấn nhỏ, giúp thí sinh khởi động và làm quen với bài thi. Phần thi kéo dài từ 4-5 phút, và thí sinh sẽ phải trả lời những câu hỏi chung về bản thân, bao quát nhiều chủ đề quen thuộc (như gia đình, bạn bè, thói quen, công việc, sở thích,…).

Mặc dù các topic (chủ đề) trong 3 phần bài thi IELTS Speaking rất đa dạng nhưng vẫn có chủ đề thường xuyên xuất hiện trong phần thi. Sau đây hãy cùng HA Center điểm qua một vài chủ đề thường gặp trong IELTS Speaking nhé!

1. Topic Travel and holidays

Topic Travel and holidays

Topic Travel and holidays

Part 1:

  • Do you like travelling?

​​Yes, I do. You know, it’s a great way to relax and relieve stress. Usually, I go on a trip on national holidays when I have lots of time on my hand. (Có chứ. Bạn biết đấy, đó là một cách tuyệt vời để thư giãn và giảm căng thẳng. Thường thì tôi đi du lịch vào những ngày nghỉ lễ quốc gia khi tôi có nhiều thời gian rảnh.)

 Of course, I’m keen on travelling and I always want to visit some tourist destinations outside HCM city. Well, I’m planning to travel to a coastal city this summer since I really love beaches. (Tất nhiên, tôi rất thích đi du lịch và tôi luôn muốn đi thăm quan một số địa điểm du lịch bên ngoài thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. Chà, tôi dự định đi du lịch đến một thành phố biển vào mùa hè này vì tôi thực sự yêu thích những bãi biển.)

  • What do you do on holidays?

 Sometimes I travel to broaden my horizons, to admire the beauty of nature and to plunge myself into the picturesque landscape in other regions in my country. Every now and then, I just stay at home with my family and have a little get-together to celebrate the holidays. (Thi thoảng tôi đi du lịch để mở mang kiến thức, để thêm ngưỡng mộ vẻ đẹp của thiên nhiên và để đắm chìm vào những vùng đất mộng mơ trên đất nước mình. Đôi khi, tôi chỉ ở nhà cùng gia đình và sum vầy để chúc mừng những ngày lễ.)

  • Are there many tourists visiting your country?

 Probably yes… My country has different tourist attractions in many cities, especially the capital… For example, my country has old-time religious traditions… That’s why we have a lot of ancient cathedrals and churches that are interesting for both tourists and local citizens… (Tôi nghĩ là có… Đất nước tôi có nhiều điểm du lịch khác nhau ở rất nhiều thành phố, đặc biệt là ở thủ đô… Ví dụ, đất nước tôi có truyền thống tín ngưỡng từ xa xưa… đó chính là vì sao chúng tôi có rất nhiều nhà thờ và những ngôi chùa cổ, nơi hấp dẫn với cả du khách và người dân địa phương.).

Describe a tourist attraction you once visited. You should say:

  • When you visited it
  • Where is it situated
  • Who you went with

and say what about it you like the most

Part 2:

A couple of years ago I went on a holiday to Paris with my parents… it is a very popular tourist destinations, since it has various places of interest, such as ancient museums and monuments… That’s why there are always hordes of tourists… So we decided to go out of season in the autumn… Fortunately, the weather was great, and we did not waste any days watching TV at the hotel… it was a memorable holiday … we enjoyed breathtaking views from the top of the Eiffel tower and dined in cozy little restaurants. I would certainly recommend visiting Paris, it is a picturesque city.

Part 3:

  • Do you think tourism is so developed now?

Well, because it is a lot easier to travel nowadays… you can choose charter flights and find various youth hostels all around the world, so you don’t need to spend much money on the travelling. Moreover, you can book a trip via the Internet, so you don’t even have to leave home.

  • What kind of transport you prefer on holidays? Why?

 It depends… I usually reach my holiday destination by plane because it is the fastest and the least dangerous way to travel. However, flying can be a bit uncomfortable… So I also travel by train from time to time… But I never drive car on a vacation, because I do it every day when I work… I would have a busman’s holiday otherwise.

  • Do you prefer travelling alone or in tour groups? Why?

I definitely prefer travelling alone because I like to plan the trip by myself… When choosing a guided tour, you should always conform to a set schedule… So if you are in India and, say, you want to spend an extra hour at Taj Mahal, you simply cannot do that with a group tour… I like independent travel. That way I get to see and do exactly what I want and spend as much time as I want at various stops.

2. Topic Technology

2. Topic Technology

Topic Technology

Part 1:

  • How often do you use the Internet? 

I use Internet every day… It helps me with my studies and it entertains me when I’m down… Surfing the Internet is my hobby… I also frequently use World Wide Web for communication purposes… Though I don’t like social media like Facebook, I often use video conferencing for talking.

  • Do you own a computer? If so, how often do you use it and for what purposes?

Yes, I have a personal computer and a laptop… I use my laptop mainly for education… It is very light and fits in my bag easily, so I take it with me to school… Meanwhile, my PC has a large screen and convenient keyboard, so I use it for word processing and browsing websites. It is an old, but still well-oiled machine

Describe your favourite gadget. You should say:

  • What is it
  • When did you get it
  • How often do you use it

and say why is it so important to you

Part 2:

I don’t own many gadgets… I have a PC, laptop and a smartphone and I can’t imagine my life without either of those… However, my laptop is the most important piece of technology for me… I got it as a birthday present from my parents a few years ago and I use it nearly every day now. Although at first using it was like rocket science for me, after a few weeks I was able to do everything I needed… From browsing websites to reinstalling the operating system What’s more, without my laptop I wouldn’t be able to do my homework for the university… Also, I use it for surfing the Internet and finding whatever I want, whether it is a piece of code for my project or a useful tip on how to cook a steak… Generally, my laptop became an essential device for me…

Part 3:

  • Do you think we need to know much about computers?

Well… Not too much, but there is definitely a couple of essential things everyone should know. First of all, you need to know how to enter a web address… how to navigate websites… It is very important nowadays to be able to surf the net for the information you need…

  • What is the most impactful piece of technology in our lives?

In my point of view, the Internet is the most important technological advance of our time… It gives us so many new opportunities to discover anything we want about our world! You just need to boot up your computer an go online… And with wireless networks at home and public Wi-Fi hotspots we can do it easily and almost everywhere.

  • How computers affect our everyday life?

In a positive way, certainly. They help with so many things, starting from writing and printing your own essay and ending with developing advanced programs and digital editing… Without computers studying would have been time-consuming and inefficient

3. Topic Music

Topic Technology

Topic Technology

Part 1: 

  • Do you like listening to the music on a regular basis?

Yes, without a doubt. I like different music genres and I listen to various tunes almost every day… I do not like elevator music, though… It makes me bored and annoyed.

  • What kinds of music do you like to listen to?

For me, I am interested in the instrumental music, like pianos and guitars. It is an impressive combination that can give you a both nostalgic and modern feelings. Normally on rainy days, opening acoustics songs and sing along to my favorite Vũ hits, have a cuppa and let my hair down, music will do the rest.

  •  Do you play any kinds of musical instruments?

Due to my total lack of rhythm and the fact that I am tone deaf, I would not even consider embarrassing myself with any attempt to play a musical instrument. On a related subject, on the rare occasion that I attempt to sing a hymn in church, along with everyone else.

Describe a band you enjoy listening to. You should say:

  • How did you find them
  • What kind of music do they play
  • When do you listen to them

and say why you like them so much

Part 2:

I really enjoy listening to Maroon 5… I found this music band a few years ago, when I was looking for some pop music on the Internet… And, immediately after listening to the few of their songs, I fell in love with this awesome band… Their music is very catchy and tuneful at the same time. I especially like this band for their driving rhythms As of today, I have gone to a few of their concerts and have their posters all over my wall. I listen to their songs when I’m upset or stressed out… They always cheer me up Also, one of their songs, namely “Payphone”, is set as a ringtone on my phone.

Part 3:

  • Do you think music is getting better as time goes on?

No, quite the opposite. In my opinion, music was a lot better back in the day… I love music from 60s and 70s… There are myriads of famous rock bands of that time that I really like… And nowadays almost every pop-song sounds boring and dull to me…

  • Is it better to go to a live concert or to listen to a CD?

I think that nothing compares to a live concert! It’s just magical to be on a concert in a large group of people like you, listening to the songs you know being played right in front of you… It’s empowering, and completely unlike listening to recorded music.

  • Do you like the same music as your parents?

Um… When I was a child I used to listen to the same music as my parents did… Probably, that was because we were often driving in the same car … and my parents always turned on some jazz on the radio. So I thought I was fond of jazz… But eventually I discovered other music genres and understood that I like rock music and techno much more…

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