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Chữa đề IELTS Writing task 2 ngày 09/01/2021

Hôm nay HA CENTRE gửi đến các bạn bài mẫu IELTS Writing task 2, đề thi ngày 09/01/2021. Bài mẫu mang tính chất tham khảo, không chấm điểm. Mọi người có thể follow chúng mình trên các kênh Facebook, Instagram để cập nhật thông tin nhanh nhất. 

some people think that organizing international sports events is good for the host country while others think it is bad. discuss both views and state your opinion.

IELTS Writing task 2 Ngày 09/1/2021

Đề bài Topic: Some people think that hosting international sports events is good for the country, while some people think it is bad. Discuss both views and state your opinion. 

Bài mẫu tham khảo:

There is no denying that these days, people all over the world have developed a great fervour for sports, leading to the considerable growth in the popularity of international sporting events such as the Olympics or World Cup. While many argue that many benefits can be accrued from being involved in hosting those events, I would contend that it is risky rather than advantageous. 

There are several reasons why some people support staging big sports events. The most evident merit is that the profile of the hosting nation will be raised. Since those events are often broadcast globally, many will get to know about the country better, which leads to the national tourism being boosted. As a result, not only will a large number of related jobs be generated, especially in the hospitality industry, but government’s revenue is also likely to increase through means of taxes. Furthermore, the local residents may also benefit from the infrastructure being newly built or modernized in order to meet the international standards for such events. Accommodations and public transport will also be significantly invested to cater for an influx of both athletes and tourists.

However, I am against the idea of organising big sport venues for two main reasons, one of which concerns social stability. As supporters from all corners of the globe gather in one place, discrepancies in beliefs and religions are inevitable. As a result, cultural conflicts are likely to occur, which may foment social unrest in the host country, at least for a temporary period of time. Additionally, riots amongst the general population may also be triggered. Take Brazil as an evident example. As this nation is constantly plagued by poverty, low literacy rate and unemployment, it is comprehensible for local residents to expect the government to prioritize these issues instead of paying attention to arrange sporting events. Apparently, instability in society is an acute problem facing the country when it comes to organising international competitions. Another significant point endorsing the view is the damages caused to the indigenous environment. In order to meet the requirements of the tournaments, new facilities such as stadiums need to be constructed, which undoubtedly requires plentiful space. Accordingly, several public areas or even forests are demolished to give way to the construction and this activity is widely considered a major source of pollution, responsible for particulate emissions as well as causing air, water and noise pollution.

(*)Some people may argue that the new facilities being built to serve the events will eventually return to benefit that country’s citizens. Nevertheless, as these infrastructures are constructed based on international standards, the entrance fee will probably be unaffordable for the majority of native inhabitants, especially in some developing countries such as Brazil. Consequently, those facilities will become not only superfluous but also expensive to maintain and upgrade.

To recapitulate, social chaos and environmental destruction are the two major menaces posed to the host country, which, I believe, overshadow any benefits. Hopefully, the government should take everything into careful consideration before applying to organise international sports tournaments. 

(*) This paragraph is optional.


  • a great fervour for sth: sự hào hứng (đối với cái gì)
  • hospitality industry: ngành Du lịch – Nhà hàng – Khách sạn
  • cater for sth: phục vụ cho (cái gì)
  • an influx of tourists (into a place): dòng khách du lịch đi vào (một địa điểm)
  • discrepancies in beliefs and religions: sự khác biệt trong niềm tin và tôn giáo
  • cultural conflicts: xung đột văn hóa
  • Foment (v) (C2): thúc đẩy, gây nên (thường là một vấn đề gì đó xấu, tiêu cực)
  • social unrest: bất ổn xã hội
  • Indigenous (a): bản địa
  • Superfluous (a): thừa thãi
  • Menace (n) (C1): mối đe dọa (=threat) 
  • Overshadow (v) (C1): làm lu mờ

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