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Đề thi + Chữa đề IELTS Writing Task 1 dạng Process ngày 5/9/2020

5/9/2020 vừa qua đề IELTS Writing task 1 đã vào dạng process, đây là một dạng khá hiếm gặp và khó. Hôm nay HA CENTRE sẽ chữa đề và giúp các bạn “gỡ rối” đối với dạng process nhé!

IELTS Writing task 1 – Ngày 5/9/2020

Đề bài: The image below shows the process of making carbonated drinks

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 1 dạng Process ngày 5/9/2020

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 1 dạng Process

The diagram illustrates how fizzy drinks are manufactured. This process consists of five major stages beginning with the water treatment and ending with the delivery.

At the first stage of making carbonated beverages, the raw water is filtered in order to remove all the contaminants, followed by the water softening using chemical additives. In the subsequent step, the treated water is pumped into a tank where it is heated by electricity, and then it flows through a cooling pipe. Following this, the water is infused with carbon dioxide gas, causing the bubbles to form. 

After this stage has been completed, the carbonated water is piped into a mixing tank. This is the stage at which basic ingredients such as color, syrup, and flavorings are added and mixed. The product then undergoes the filtration process for a second time prior to being bottled and canned. Finally, the carbonated drinks are packed into boxes and transported to supermarkets where the products are ready for sale.

(163 words)


  1. fizzy drinks = carbonated beverages: carbonated drinks
  2. water treatment: the act or process of making water more potable or useful, as by purifying, clarifying, softening, or deodorizing it 
  3. chemical additives: chemical products
  4. infused A with B: to fill something with quality
  5. undergo: to experience something
  6. filtration: ​the process of filtering a liquid
  7. prior to = before something
  8. transport: to take something/somebody from one place to another in a vehicle

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